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Range of House Exteriors

Different substrates and surfaces require a different approach

Some of you reading this will have a standard build property constructed with bricks and mortar. Others of you may be adding blockwork (breezeblock) extensions to your bricks and mortar property. Still others of you will have a pebbledash exterior which you may be very keen to replace or at least disguise; and others may have a timber-framed building or a prefabricated building (a BISF house - otherwise known as an Airey House) dating back as far as 1946. Whatever the case, we most likely have a system that will help to transform the building in a very short period of time, often within 28 days.


Options To Consider

Whether you want a painted brick effect like number 21 in the picture above, or perhaps you want a smooth textured rendered finish like the example below, or even an improvement over your pebbledash exterior, we have the right system and the right approach. It will come down to budget, and aesthetic preferences, all of which are subjective. Remember, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. If you have a beautiful-looking house, you may have a head start on some, although, we can dramatically turn the ugliest house into a lovelier house, so don't despair, because help is at hand. How is your house looking today?

Does it still work for you, or are you ready to transform your property by engaging our dedicated team to step in and assist?

Examples of Finishes

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